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HumanKind by Brad Aronson

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All people have problems. Some people have solutions. We bring them together through life-changing nonfiction books.

Take a deep dive into our award-winning books that help, heal, and inspire.

Why Wonderwell?

Wonderwell is the hybrid publisher that makes publishing a book more rewarding for authors.

We put more power and profits into the hands of authors. That’s why we are the hybrid publisher of choice for serious experts and prolific creators with world-class content and a significant platform.

Why Wonderwell

The entire team did a great job of keeping us on track and making sure we achieved our goal of having a book for the spring conference season!

Edie Goldberg, co-author of The Inside Gig

The Inside Gig by Edie Goldberg and Kelley Steven-Waiss

What We Do

We create brilliant and beautiful nonfiction books in partnership with established thought leaders, entrepreneurial content creators, and visionary brands.

Hybrid publishing allows authors to earn more from their books while accessing unparalleled editorial, marketing, and distribution support from a dedicated team of publishing experts.

Work With Us

Apply to publish with Wonderwell.

Whether your manuscript is finished or you’re still noodling ideas, we can help you get your book out of your head and into readers’ hands. We do:

  • Concept development
  • Writing coaching
  • Developmental editing
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Custom book design and typesetting
  • Art direction and original photography
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book marketing
  • In-store distribution
  • Direct sales and fulfillment

Our authors are the best in the world at what they do, so we are selective about who we work with and what we publish. Submit your book project below to see which one of our publishing programs is right for you.

Who We Are

A bunch of book-loving smarty-pantses who just want to help humans live happier, healthier, more rewarding lives.

I’m Maggie Langrick, the publisher at Wonderwell. I don’t just believe that books have the power to change readers’ lives; I’m living proof of it.

We have Big Ideas about how publishing should work for authors.

Now Hiring: Editorial Director

Wonderwell is hiring an Editorial Director to lead our editorial department and build our list of life-enhancing nonfiction books. Work from home with a team of smart, heart-centered publishing professionals at a small and growing company aimed at making the world a better place.

You Can Be a Social Entrepreneur—Here’s How

Based on the book The Greater Good by Madeleine Shaw, this 8-part “How to Be a Social Entrepreneur” video course offers crucial tools and encouragement for those considering starting their own impact-based projects or ventures.

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