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HumanKind by Brad Aronson

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All people have problems. Some people have solutions. We bring them together through life-changing nonfiction books.

Take a deep dive into our award-winning books that help, heal, and inspire.

Why Wonderwell?

More than an award-winning hybrid publisher, Wonderwell is a bespoke content development studio.

Our mission is to make publishing a book more rewarding for authors and their readers, which means working with mission-driven thought leaders and prolific creators in whatever capacity they need us—regardless of publishing path.

Why Wonderwell

With Wonderwell’s immersive book-planning program, I achieved better results than I would have alone. It was a productive, enlightening, collaborative experience that I really valued.

Annie Grace, bestselling author and founder of This Naked Mind

Buzz to Buzzkill by Annie Grace

What We Do

We partner with established thought leaders, entrepreneurial content creators, and visionary brands to create brilliant and beautiful nonfiction books that sell.

If you have a world-class book idea, we can help bring it to life and make it the very best it can be—whether that means concept and proposal development, ghostwriting, editing, marketing and PR, or our full hybrid publishing and distribution program, which puts more power and profits into the hands of authors.

Work With Us

Apply to publish with Wonderwell.

Whether your manuscript is finished or you’re still noodling ideas, we can help you get your book out of your head and into readers’ hands. We do:

  • Immersive book-planning retreats
  • Concept and proposal development
  • Ghostwriting
  • Brand strategy
  • Writing coaching
  • Developmental editing
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Custom book design and typesetting
  • Audiobook production
  • Book marketing and PR
  • In-store distribution
  • Direct sales and fulfillment

Our authors are the best in the world at what they do, so we are selective about who we work with and what we publish. Submit your book project below to see which one of our publishing programs is right for you.

Who We Are

A bunch of book-loving smarty-pantses who just want to help humans live happier, healthier, more rewarding lives.

I’m Maggie Langrick, the publisher at Wonderwell. I don’t just believe that books have the power to change readers’ lives; I’m living proof of it. And I’ve assembled a team of New York Times bestselling publishing pros who share my passion.

We have Big Ideas about how publishing should work for authors.

Wonderwell Hires New York Times Bestselling Editorial Director and Continues Expansion in 2022

Wonderwell has recruited a new Editorial Director and Marketing Director from a Big Five publishing house, as well as a new Chief of Staff.

Bestselling Author Annie Grace Partners with Wonderwell on Her First Book for Kids

Annie Grace, founder of This Naked Mind and leading voice in the sober curious movement, has partnered with Wonderwell to publish Buzz to Buzzkill, an illustrated book that explains the dangerous effects of alcohol to kids aged 10-14.

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