Private Label Program

Assisted Self-Publishing

Not every book needs to be in stores. In fact, not every book should be! Our Private Label Program is perfect for authors who are writing on a highly niche topic for a specialist audience, or who expect most of their sales to come from their own network.

We create your book, you keep all the sales

With lower service fees and no print run to finance, the Private Label Program is a cost-effective alternative to the Best Book Program, making it a good option for authors on a budget, or whose book may not be competitive in bookstores. For example, if your topic has been well covered by other books but you want to publish a book of your own to promote your business or public speaking, the Private Label Program is just the ticket for you.

  • Impeccable editorial and design services
  • Print-on-demand and ebook production
  • Lower up-front costs than the Best Book Program
  • Keep 100% of your sales
  • Publish under your own imprint (but have us handle every aspect)
  • Fastest turnaround to publication
  • Option to add on a short print run for bulk sales
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