Authority Magazine: Kelley Steven-Waiss is shaking up how we can assign projects to employees

by Jan 15, 2020Kelley Steven-Waiss, Press and Awards

Kelley Steven-Waiss and her book, The Inside Gig

This interview was published on Authority Magazine on January 13, 2020.

Can you tell our readers what it is about the work you’re doing that’s disruptive?

We are taking the old operating model and ways of working for organizations and leveraging technology to turn that model “inside out.” We do this by introducing a new talent operating model based on optimization of talent from the inside and what we call the “self-actualized enterprise.”

The reality is that our world is changing. One of the drivers of this change is process automation in the workplace — be it decision automation, design automation, test automation, or human/machine automation and beyond. Leading analyst organization, Forrester, recently released its “Future of Work” report wherein it they state:

“Automation promises to change the nature of what an organization is, what a company does, and how work is done. It will at the same time free humans from mundane tasks and enable more complex, fulfilling, and impactful work. It will also complicate economies, social order, and an individual’s ability to make a living. The global marketplace, labor dynamics, and how work is done shape the future of work. Apart from the apocalyptic scenarios that engender fear, the future of work has a sensible and systematic, yet acute, impact on the opportunities for customers, employees, and company leaders.”

Hitch answers this call-to-action and delivers the future of work today — enabling organizations to become adaptive as they face the powerful force of automation transformation.

The future of work isn’t something that happens to companies — it’s something leaders must create for their people and for their organizations. Adaptive enterprises will win by identifying future opportunities and proactively reconfiguring themselves and their business models in the face of changing customer and market demands. Becoming an adaptive enterprise requires significant investments in technology transformation, in culture building, and in setting up structures and processes. Hitch is the epitome of this transformation.

Hitch is built on the premise of motivating the enterprise workforce with a growth mindset as a way to accelerate performance — both human and organizational.

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