Gerald Sze

Gerald Sze

Gerald Sze is an award-winning spirituality author and existential philosopher who has studied and conducted research in the fields of spirituality and existential philosophy for nearly thirty years. His explorations have included Eastern and Western philosophy, divination, and comparative religion, as well as an immersion in Buddhism. The author’s first book, Changing Fate Through Reincarnation (self-published, Two Harbors Press, 2012) won in the Spiritual category at the 2013 London Book Festival and in the Philosophy category of the 2014 Beverly Hills Book Awards.

In 1987, Sze began studying physiognomy and palmistry with a master of Chinese divination in Hong Kong. After returning to Canada, he continued studying and conducting research on the topic of fate, as well as the nature of romantic love, relationships, and the spiritual purpose of suffering. His findings are the basis for The Sacred Path of the Soulmate. Sze lives in Vancouver, Canada.

The Sacred Path of the Soulmate by Gerald Sze

The Sacred Path of the Soulmate


Most relationship books teach one of two things: How to find your soulmate or how to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with them. Those are both fine goals to pursue, but they overlook two important questions: What is the deeper purpose of our most intimate relationships and how can we get what we truly need from them? The problem, according to existential spiritual philosopher Gerald Sze, is that we misunderstand the spiritual purpose of true romantic love. As Sze explains in The Sacred Path of the Soulmate, romantic relationships are our primary vehicle for spiritual growth. We should not think of a soulmate as someone with whom we are supposed to experience non-stop bliss, but as a beloved friend with whom we have a sacred pact at the soul level to come together to learn the lessons that we most need to learn in order to evolve spiritually.

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