Madeleine Shaw


Madeleine Shaw is a multiple award-winning social entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of experience launching both for- and non-profit ventures with a social change agenda at their heart. At age twenty-five she founded Aisle (previously Lunapads), a privately held business whose groundbreaking sustainable menstrual care products are sold in more than forty countries worldwide. Shaw went on to establish United Girls of the World Society, a charity, and G Day, a national rite of passage celebration series for adolescent girls, in 2014. In 2017 she launched Nestworks, a family-friendly co-working community that is reimagining work/life balance.

She has mentored dozens of early stage entrepreneurs, is a sought-after public speaker, and is featured in the documentary films Not Business as Usual and The Social Shift. She lives near Vancouver, BC, with her husband and daughter.

The Greater Good by Madeleine Shaw

The Greater Good


In The Greater Good, award-winning social entrepreneur Madeleine Shaw presents an inspiring look at how a new generation of non-traditional entrepreneurs can use their personal values and vision to launch and grow world-changing ventures. She dispels the myth that you need a business degree or a blockbuster tech idea to start a successful enterprise, arguing that passion, a willingness to step into one’s personal power, and strong relationships are what propel social entrepreneurs forward.

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You Can Be a Social Entrepreneur—Here’s How

You Can Be a Social Entrepreneur—Here’s How

Based on the book The Greater Good by Madeleine Shaw, this 8-part “How to Be a Social Entrepreneur” video course offers crucial tools and encouragement for those considering starting their own impact-based projects or ventures.

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