Melinda Harrison was a multi-year All American swimmer and captain of the University of Michigan swim team. As Melinda Copp, she competed for Canada in the 1984 Olympic Games at Los Angeles. She is a certified professional coach who helps individuals move from one level of success to the next. She lives with her husband in Oakville, Ontario, and San Diego, California.

Personal Next by Melinda Harrison

Personal Next


After achieving a major accomplishment or realizing a lifelong dream, many high-performing individuals struggle to open a new chapter in life with the same confidence and enthusiasm that fueled their previous successes. In Personal Next, former Olympic athlete Melinda Harrison examines the difficulties people may face after reaching what seemed to be the height of their careers and who have achieved various personal bests. Through interviews with more than 100 elite athletes and other high-achievers who navigated a major life transition, Harrison uncovers a common arc of transition and nine key practices that support a successful pivot to a new arena and the creation of a personal next.

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