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Rob Bier

Rob Bier is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned venture investor. He is the founder and managing partner of Trellis, a leadership advisory firm that helps growth companies build high-performance organizations. Over the past 12 years he has worked with the CEOs of over 40 scale-ups, including 8 that became unicorns during the time he worked with them.

Previously, he founded and led a fintech company in the Netherlands and a venture capital firm in London. He was a senior partner in the management consulting firm Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte) and a leader of their Organizational Effectiveness practice.

Rob grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and earned an engineering degree from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He now lives in Singapore with his children, Ava and Nate, and his dogs, Hoffmann and Rosie Bagel.

HumanKind by Brad Aronson

Smooth Scaling

20 rituals to build a friction-free organization

In Smooth Scaling, Rob Bier reveals the often-overlooked reasons behind the “fail to scale” phenomenon—the low-quality, high-friction interactions that become increasingly common as companies expand. Bier’s solution? Based on his extensive experience as an executive coach who specializes in building high-performing organizations, Bier has created twenty foundational rituals that business leaders can integrate into the daily habits of their organizations to make interactions as frictionless as possible, allowing them to scale more easily, and more sustainably, than ever before. 

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