Robert Tercek has launched new services on every digital platform, including the first video on mobile phones, the earliest multimedia games, massive live interactive learning programs, and entire TV networks. He provides strategic insight to Turner Broadcasting, Interpublic Group, PBS, and other firms. He previously served in executive leadership at MTV, Sony Pictures, and most recently as President of Digital Media at OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Robert lives in Los Angeles, California.

Vaporized by Robert Tercek



Every aspect of our economy and society is set to be reconfigured by technological forces that only a handful of increasingly powerful companies have mastered. In Vaporized, digital pioneer Robert Tercek reveals the inner workings of the largest cultural and economic shift since the industrial revolution, and explains its implications for retail, finance, employment, education, and even our human identities. Entertaining, accessible, and relevant, Tercek provides proven strategies and a practical blueprint for success that no business leader can afford to ignore.

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