Keri Ohlrich

Tommy Stoffel

In 2005, Tommy Stoffel woke up in the psychiatric ward of his local hospital following a self-dialed 911 call. He knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite believe he ended up here. Denial quickly turned to realization as he met fellow humans all suffering from some form of mental overload. Unfortunately, the therapy prescribed only masked symptoms and didn’t address the core issue. Ancient mindfulness and compassionate psychology teachings began shedding light on the real, underlying problem. Drawing from this wisdom, he began teaching workshops for other struggling friends and family out of his living room. Eventually, these developed into lessons and courses, which were taken offroad, where people could release tension and get more in tune with their authentic, vibrant selves. Tommy is the founder of Zen 4-Wheelers and leads outings on a regular basis. He’s also a manager in a long-running corporate career and a co-host and executive producer of the Offroad Monks documentary.

The Way of the HR Warrior by Monica Frede and Keri Ohlrich

Take the Wheel


From the Offroad Monks behind the popular Zen 4-Wheeling and Soul Outing expeditions comes a guided journey to brave the wilderness within and quiet the noise in your head. With soulful and practical lessons from two guys who’ve been to the edge and made it back, Tommy Stoffel and Bryan Bernard offer a compass in times of high stress and overwhelming pressure as well as hard-earned wisdom of what it takes to not only quiet your mind but set it free, so you never find yourself at the edge again. The authors’ wilderness workshops and expeditions have helped hundreds of people—from emergency first responders and Silicon Valley executives to bankers and actors—cut down on stress, make lasting changes in their lives, and figure out how they got so close to the edge in the first place.

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