A Daughter's Kaddish by Sarah Birnbach

A Daughter’s Kaddish

My Year of Grief, Devotion, and Healing

A Daughter’s Kaddish recounts Sarah Birnbach’s year-long odyssey to persevere through an unfamiliar world of Jewish prayer and chart a course without a road map. A novice worshipper and single working mother, Sarah encountered many obstacles—including vehement objections to her recitation of the Mourner’s Kaddish because of her gender, her own daughter’s near-fatal car accident, an incident that tore her synagogue apart, and her mother’s hostility and dismissiveness.

Published by Wonderwell
Release Date: September 27, 2022
Available in hardcover and ebook
304 pages
$37.99 CAD / $26.99 USD

A woman breaks with Jewish tradition to honor her late father in this moving memoir of faith, grief, and transformation

To honor her beloved father, Sarah commits to saying Kaddish twice a day in synagogue for eleven months, as is stipulated by her religion. Sarah attempts to incorporate these new religious and spiritual practices into her already hectic twenty-first-century life while struggling with the heavy emotional distress of grief. As she travels the country for work, Sarah must find a synagogue where she can pray in each city and town she visits, a challenge that brings many surprises—and upsets.

Throughout her year of devotion, Sarah takes comfort in the loving memories of her childhood while at the same time grappling with some very painful ones—ultimately discovering how the path of faith and grief can lead to true healing.

Jim Tincher

Sarah Birnbach

Sarah Birnbach spent thirty-five years as a human resources consultant helping organizations to achieve peak performance and was a sought-after speaker at conferences across multiple industries. As an LCSW, she provided therapy in a juvenile and domestic relations court to families and adolescents. Her experiences equipped her to become a leading coach for executives who want to excel and realize their deepest visions. She has authored numerous articles and is one of the featured leadership experts in the book Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed.

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