The Achiever Fever Cure by Claire Booth

The Achiever Fever Cure

How I learned to Stop Striving Myself Crazy

Claire Booth was a successful but stressed-out market research entrepreneur and executive suffering from what she calls “achiever fever”—constant striving coupled with chronic feelings of inadequacy. Sick and tired of feeling miserable, self-help skeptic Booth decides to try anything that might bring relief, from mindfulness to martial arts, from spending ten days in silence to “smiling” at her spleen. At first, Booth is fearful that slowing down and softening up will mean losing her professional edge. Instead, she discovers a more joyful and purposeful life, one that also turns out to be good for business. Bolstered by her own survey of other high-achieving professionals, The Achiever Fever Cure is a frank, funny, and inspiring story of Booth’s road to recovery.

LifeTree Media
Published by LifeTree Media, an imprint of Wonderwell
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Available in paperback and ebook
224 pages
$23.99 CAD / $15.99 USD

Find joy and peace of mind without losing your edge

If you’re a sufferer of “achiever fever”—a person who seems to have it all but never feels good enough—consider this book the prescription for you.

This book will teach you how:

  • Striving and competition can become damaging when they are out of balance
  • Our own cognitive biases can undermine our ability to achieve what we most want
  • The relentless voice in our heads can become like an internal jailer
  • Living in the future can rob our ability to enjoy the present
  • We can learn to exercise our minds like we exercise our bodies
  • We can re-envision growth and make it work for us

Incorporating insights from business, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, The Achiever Fever Cure makes a powerful case that chasing after success is the surest way to push happiness away, while letting go of striving is the key to reaping life’s most enduring rewards.

Nautilus Book Award

2020 Silver Winner

Nautilus Book Awards

Claire Booth

Claire Booth

Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She is the founder and CEO of market research firm Lux Insights, with more than eighteen years’ experience serving some of the world’s most recognized brands. She teaches at the UBC Sauder School of Business, and is a competitive Masters swimmer and avid rock climber. She lives with her partner, Chris, in North Vancouver, Canada.

Praise for The Achiever Fever Cure

“When we are always trying to achieve, we forget to live. This book is wise, human and practical.”

Eric Zimmer, Host of The One You Feed podcast

“Booth disarmingly escorts readers through her painful days and sleepless nights. This book is filled with important discoveries described with engaging candour.”

John Helliwell, Editor of the World Happiness Report and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of British Columbia

“Claire Booth has a riveting story for everyone. For all of us overworked, over-stimulated, goal-addled human beings, Booth shows us a way back to life worth living.”

Walter Sutton, author of Leap of Strength and CEO coach

“Booth’s raw journey spoke to me in an approachable way. She shares the tools and systems she discovered to ease the intensity of ‘achiever fever’ and manages to do it while building and growing her business with soulful intention.”

Jody Shakespeare, BJL Coaching and Consulting

“I’m so glad I read The Achiever Fever Cure. Aside from being hilarious and entertaining, it has helped me better understand what really drives me and I have become much more aware of the stories I tell myself. Thank you, Claire, for being so honest and open and for sharing your enlightening journey with us!”

Charles Chang, founder of Vega and President, Lyra Growth Partners

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