Brilliance by Amy Lombardo


A Coaching Guide to Clearing Inner Obstacles and Letting Your Authenticity Shine

In Brilliance, empowerment coach Amy Lombardo teaches readers how to think, feel, act, and live from an inner source of radiance. Many of us strive to live a purposeful life, yet subconscious obstacles can prevent us from putting our highest principles into practice in our personal lives. Brilliance presents a coaching method to clear away your mental baggage and emotional debris so that you can live a life that is authentic and fulfilling as well as meaningful. The principles that underpin Lombardo’s unique Brilliance Coaching™ technique will foster integration and clarity in seven key areas of life—relationships, self-expression, home and family, health, finances, vocation, and spirituality.

LifeTree Media
Published by LifeTree Media, an imprint of Wonderwell
Release Date: March 26, 2019
Available in paperback and ebook
256 pages
$22.99 CAD / $18.99 USD

Transform your inner potential into meaningful, authentic change in the world

Using exercises and examples drawn from the author’s practice as a coach for CEOs, celebrities, and frontline activists, Brilliance will give you the tools to:

  • Find direction and movement forward in any area of life where you feel stuck
  • Reconcile being “successful” with feeling “fulfilled”
  • Confront and release stubborn limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Approach your own personal growth with compassion and courage
  • Become a more effective, values-driven leader and change agent
Amy Lombardo

Amy Lombardo

Amy Lombardo is an expert in personal growth curriculum development and a sought-after life coach. In her coaching and consulting practice, Amy specializes in blending ancient wisdom with modern success-coaching techniques to deliver rigorous, multi-disciplinary programs that are at once heart-centered and powerfully practical. In 2016, Amy created the Brilliance Academy for Personal Transformation and Social Change to train and certify aspiring coaches in her uniquely integrative approach to empowerment. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Praise for Brilliance

“Highly accessible and eminently pragmatic…Brilliance shines like a beacon in the overcrowded and often oversimplified space of self-help books.”

Gail Straub, author of bestseller Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It

“What a gem! As profound as it is practical, Brilliance synthesizes the wisdom of the ages into an elegant and effective system for self-transformation.”

Carolyn Murphy, model, actress

“Brilliance is like having a personal coach on speed dial (or in your purse) at all times. With an abundant mix of innovative strategies, new techniques, and easily relatable examples, this book gives you the power to turn your world around.”

Leanne Beesley, CEO of

“Lombardo has written the definitive guide to activate potential and stop self-sabotage so you can live from a place of personal excellence. Brilliance steers clear of any dogma or trendy new age clichés and instead provides a sensible and grounded step-by-step guide to living your best life. Don’t miss this opportunity to seriously improve your ‘A’ game.”

Peter Rizzi, CEO and Founder of Rebel Health LLC

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