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Don’t Train Your Dog

A Brilliantly Simple Parenting Guide to Teaching Good Behavior, Calming Fear, and Raising Happy Dogs

By Angie Winters

Master dog behaviorist and rescue rehabilitator Angie Winters shares her evidence-based, emotionally-focused methods for nurturing the relationship between you and your four-legged friend and creating a happy forever family.


Published by Wonderwell
Release Date: April 16, 2024
Available in paperback
208 pages
$22.99 USD 

Typical dog training methods don’t work.  

Sure, treats for tricks are great for teaching a dog how to sit, but they won’t calm a stressed dog, prevent aggression against other dogs or kids, or easily integrate a new pup or rescue into the average (chaotic!) family home. No one understands this problem better than Angie Winters, a master dog behaviorist, social entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Angie4Dogs, who has spent over two decades studying canines and fixing rescue dogs.

In Don’t Train Your Dog, Angie flips the script on ineffective typical dog training theories and enlightens readers with her proven dog parenting approach. She explains the unique human/dog relationship and how the emotional entanglement between our species is critical to understanding a dog’s true motivations—and the source of most behavioral issues. Angie sheds light on the flaws in typical training and demonstrates why dogs in our modern society need the kind of guidance that is more accurately described as parenting. Don’t Train Your Dog provides a comprehensive support system for dog parents, featuring chapter-by-chapter digital resources, instant access to online Parenting4Dogs demonstration videos, and a wealth of valuable teaching tools. Don’t Train Your Dog will guide you through transformative methods that will truly change your dog’s life.

Readers gain common sense, real-world dog parenting skills, and everything they need to:


  • Soothe and prevent separation anxiety
  • Teach the most important dog rules and skills 
  • Learn techniques to encourage kind kids and confident canines
  • Help any dog love their crate
  • Potty train quickly with a proprietary potting training system
  • Stop inappropriate chewing, biting, and obsessions
  • Fix and prevent common fears (baths, vet visits, house guests, cars, thunderstorms, and more) 
  • Fix and prevent aggression (other dogs, cats, food, and more)
  • Effectively parent multi-dog households
  • Enjoy car rides and learn effective travel tips
    Angie Winters

    Angie Winters

    Angie is a master dog behaviorist and creator of groundbreaking educational video series Puppy & Dog Parenting Program, Fixing Fear, The Childproof Dog, and 3 Dog Days Adoption Program. She’s shared her dog parenting advice with desperate dog parents in national magazines, podcasts, radio and television programs, keynote speeches, and more. In 2012, after surviving a devastating medical challenge, Angie formed the mission-driven company, Angie4Dogs, to save dogs by supporting rescues, shelters, and dog parents across the country.

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