The Fiscal Feminist by Kimberlee Davis

The Fiscal Feminist

A Financial Wake-up Call for Women

Wealth manager and host of The Fiscal Feminist podcast Kimberlee Davis taps her 25 years’ experience to teach women how to take charge of their money and control their financial destiny.

Published by Wonderwell
Release Date: May 31, 2022
Available in paperback and ebook
232 pages
$22.50 CAD / $15.99 USD

Master your money, control your destiny

Women are more educated and successful than ever, but they still tend to stand on the sidelines when it comes to their money, according to financial experts. At the same time, women live longer, earn less, and often have to work harder than men to offset years spent out of the workforce raising children. Adding to this perfect storm, women have suffered disproportionately in the post-pandemic downturn.

The Fiscal Feminist is a call to action for women to reverse these trends by increasing their financial literacy and—ultimately—controlling their destiny. Author Kimberlee Davis, a wealth manager and host of The Fiscal Feminist podcast, taps her 25 years’ experience to educate women of all ages and economic strata about how to independently achieve—and maintain—financial health on their own terms.

Madeleine Shaw

Kimberlee Davis

Kimberlee Davis is the host of The Fiscal Feminist, a podcast and platform about women and their relationship with money and finance. Her mission is to help all women of all ages and wealth levels embrace their responsibility to themselves to achieve solid financial footing in both calm and turbulent times. Kimberlee has more than 25 years of finance, legal, and corporate experience and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. Currently she is a Managing Director and Partner at The Bahnsen Group, a private wealth management firm.

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