Humanity at Work by Pierre Battah

Humanity at Work

Leading For Better Relationships and Results

Every leader has a duty to ensure their teams meet and exceed expectations and achieve strategic goals. But leaders who only focus on the bottom line risk alienating or burning out the people integral to the success of the organization. Engaged employees are more productive, have fewer sick days, and tend to stay in their jobs longer. They go the extra mile because they want to contribute to an organization that cares about them as human beings. Put simply, a leadership approach focused on both relationships and results is good for business. But what steps can leaders take to cultivate a workplace culture that is positive, engaged, and also productive? This is what CBC workplace columnist Pierre Battah tackles in Humanity at Work.

LifeTree Media
Published by LifeTree Media, an imprint of Wonderwell
Release Date: September 8, 2020
Available in hardcover and ebook
320 pages
$32.99 CAD / $21.99 USD

A leadership strategy that balances the well-being of people and the drive for results

In this conversational, humorous, and relatable book, Pierre Battah acts as a virtual mentor, drawing on his decades-long experience as advisor to large and small businesses. Through colorful and entertaining case studies ranging from fish-packing plants to financial institutions, Battah illustrates what it means to lead with humanity.

In Humanity at Work, readers will learn:

  • why human connection is a crucial component of the employment relationship;
  • how to delegate responsibility, set expectations, and give and receive feedback more effectively; and
  • how cultivating self-awareness can create safe space in which to engage staff.

Each chapter includes reflection points and tools to help readers measure their progress as they move toward creating a workplace with humanity at its heart.

Nautilus Book Awards

2020 Gold Winner

Nautilus Book Awards

Pierre Battah

Pierre Battah

Pierre Battah is a long-time workplace columnist and blogger for CBC Radio One, a past TEDx presenter, and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Previously, he occupied senior management roles with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Assumption Mutual Life, and KBRS, and taught management at Mount Allison University. He has delivered hundreds of workshops and keynotes across Canada and the United States and provided counsel to tens of thousands of managers, management teams, and educational institutions.

Praise for Humanity at Work

“A clear, compassionate, and thorough exploration of leadership that gets to the heart of being human.”

Andrew Lee, Chief Curiosity Officer, CuriousMind

“Reading Humanity at Work is like sitting down with a truly knowledgeable friend to discuss real-life workplace problems and how to resolve them with humanity.”

John Tivendell, PhD, L.Psych., FCPA, full professor, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Université de Moncton

“Humanity at Work illustrates proven leadership principles with case studies told in a friendly voice that makes them both meaningful and memorable.”

Paul Johnson, P.Eng., chairman and CEO, Quantum5X Systems Inc.

“The leadership lessons in Humanity at Work are invaluable at every level of an organization.”

Thérèse LeBlanc, retired Regional Deputy Commissioner, Atlantic Region, Correctional Service of Canada

“Pierre Battah speaks to the valuable human side of organizational or business success by using vivid storytelling. A must read for any leader!”

Andrée Savoie, president and CEO, Adelin Properties

“Pierre identifies the questions we need to ask ourselves to be more effective leaders for our teams and our communities.”

David Savoie, president and CEO, Acadian Construction

“To lead with humanity, you have to do the work and ask yourself the tough questions. Pierre Battah’s book will prompt you to deepen your understanding and shape how you will show up for your team.”

Jennifer Meffert, vice president, People and Culture, MetroStar Systems

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