Pathways to Pregnancy by Mary Wong

Pathways to Pregnancy

Personal Stories and Practical Advice for Your Fertility Journey

Pathways to Pregnancy is a collection of true personal stories drawn from the clinic of a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine who has helped thousands of couples to conceive. By sharing the experiences of the women she has treated, as well as the pain and joy of her own fertility journey, Mary Wong reveals what it really feels like to undergo treatment for a range of infertility conditions. Instructional as well as inspirational, Pathways to Pregnancy contains sound practical advice to boost your health and fertility that is often overlooked but easy to incorporate into your life.

LifeTree Media
Published by LifeTree Media, an imprint of Wonderwell
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook
272 pages
$26.99 CAD / $17.99 USD

Discover your own pathway to pregnancy

In Pathways to Pregnancy, you will find that there is no one “right way” to build a family, but there is one that is right for you. Mary Wong’s riveting accounts of her patients’ fertility struggles and success stories will inspire you to take charge of your health and discover your own
pathway to pregnancy.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to decode your diagnosis: What’s really happening inside your body, and what to do about it
  • Why one of the best things you can do for yourself when trying to conceive is to stop trying so hard
  • How to turn your body into a nurturing, welcoming environment for a baby, so that pregnancy can naturally occur
  • How to choose between Eastern and Western medicine, or a combination of the two
  • Why “miracle pregnancies” are more common than you might think—and how yours might be around the corner

This book will nourish the unborn mother in you and help you to navigate the world of fertility treatment, reduce stress, dispel shame, and renew your belief that you too can have the family you dream of.

Mary Wong

Mary Wong

Mary Wong, B.Sc., R.TCMP, R.Ac, is the founder of the ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic, where she has helped thousands of women and couples conceive healthy babies over the past twenty years. Mary takes a modern approach to traditional Chinese medicine, and has been an advisor to the Canadian government on the topics of infertility and adoption. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, daughter, and Fifi the cat.

Praise for Pathways to Pregnancy

“What a wonderful contribution Mary Wong has made to the scores of women and couples facing the challenges of trying to get pregnant. Her book is filled with honest but encouraging accounts of how these two practices can work in concert with each other to help women achieve their dream of becoming mothers.”

Toni Weschler, author of bestseller Taking Charge of Your Fertility

“An inspirational account of personal stories of women triumphing over infertility.”

Rebecca Fett, author of It Starts with the Egg

“In Pathways to Pregnancy Mary Wong tells her own and other couples’ stories of fertility treatment, whilst offering advice based on the best of both Eastern and Western medicine. Anyone struggling to conceive will find this a helpful book.”

Jill Blakeway, licensed acupuncturist, co-author of Making Babies

“Written by a thoughtful, compassionate practitioner, Mary Wong’s Pathways to Pregnancy offers solace and hope to everyone called to travel the ‘scenic route’ to parenthood.”

Julia Indichova, author of The Fertile Female

“If you want to become knowledgeable on the intimate relationship between TCM and reproductive medicine, this book is for you. Mary’s book covers a complete range of infertility topics wrapped in the art of traditional Chinese healing—all in an authentic and easy to read manner.”

Ari Y. Baratz BSc, MD, FRCSC (REI)

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