Rooted, Resilient, and Ready by Lindsay Sealey

Rooted, Resilient, and Ready

Empowering Teen Girls as They Grow

Today’s teen girls face enormous pressures, such as the demand to be both beautiful and successful and the addictive lure of social media. These pressures can result in personal dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and mental health issues. In Rooted, Resilient, and Ready, Lindsay Sealey, author of Growing Strong Girls, shows parents and caregivers how to guide their teen girls from lost and let-down to fierce and fearless. She flips the script to look at the lives of teen girls from the inside out, weaving interviews with teens and their parents along with practical advice and her experience as an empowerment coach.

LifeTree Media
Published by LifeTree Media, an imprint of Wonderwell
Release Date: March 17, 2020
Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook
288 pages
$23.99 CAD / $15.99 USD

Learn how to help and how not to hinder teen girls’ healthy development

In this book you will learn:

  • How a teen girl assembles her identity
  • How to counter negative messages that affect a teen’s body image
  • Why mental health needs to be a priority for girls and parents
  • Why girls love and loathe social media
  • How to guide your teen girl when she is navigating peer pressure
  • How to have those conversations about sex and risky behavior

Rooted, Resilient, and Ready offers parents and caregivers the tools to prepare teen girls to step into their potential and help them choose progress over perfection, happiness over self-pity, and authenticity over conformity.

Nautilus Book Awards

2020 Gold Winner

Nautilus Book Awards

Lindsay Sealey

Lindsay Sealey

Lindsay Sealey is the founder and CEO of Bold New Girls: a unique teaching and coaching company, merging academic, social, and emotional support, and emphasizing empowerment. A regular contributor to HuffPost Canada and Spoke, Sealey is also a passionate keynote speaker, consultant, and workshop facilitator for students, teachers, and parents. She lives with her partner in the Pacific Northwest.

Praise for Rooted, Resilient, and Ready

“Kind and straightforward, this is the book I wish my parents had read!”

Kate T. Parker, author of Strong is the New Pretty

“Rooted, Resilient, and Ready offers smart, contemporary analysis and advice about parenting today’s teen girls, and is packed with recent research as well as practical tips.”

Madeleine Shaw, founder and board chair of United Girls of the World Society

“Adolescence is a profound period of development during which teen girls need to thrive rather than just survive! Rooted, Resilient, and Ready is exactly the roadmap parents of teen girls have been waiting for so that they can provide the perfect balance of safe harbour and launching pad. A must-read!”

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych., author of Parenting Right From the Start

“Sealey’s book provides incredible insight into what teenage girls are navigating in this day and age and will help you empower the young girls in your life.”

Heather Moyse, two-time Olympic gold medallist, speaker, and bestselling author of Redefining “Realistic”

Press, Awards, and More

Lindsay Sealey interviewed on The Social

Lindsay Sealey interviewed on The Social

In this interview with The Social, Lindsay Sealey talks about how her new book, Rooted, Resilient, and Ready, gives parents the tools to support their teen daughters as they grow up.

How to Record Your Audiobook

How to Record Your Audiobook

In this guest post by Lindsay Sealey, she explains how she recorded the audiobook edition of her book, Growing Strong Girls.

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