TransformAble by Angie Tuglus


How to Perform Death-defying Feats of Business Transformation

Never dull and extremely useful, TransformAble is for business transformation leaders who have no time to waste. Transformation is not easy. It’s complex, scary, and fraught with political and economic peril. Businesses stand to lose a lot, and many of them do. According to McKinsey, 70 percent of business transformations fail. Yet, business transformation is not optional, if an organization wants to survive. The world is constantly changing, and sooner or later something—disruptive technology, innovation, social change, major acquisitions, changing consumer behavior—will force an organization’s hand.

LifeTree Media
Published by LifeTree Media, an imprint of Wonderwell
Release Date: May 11, 2021
Available in hardcover and ebook
208 pages
$38.99 CAD / $25.99 USD

Avoid the deadly pitfalls that doom 70 percent of complex business transformations

Business transformation expert Angie Tuglus mines her decades of experience leading cross-function change and innovation initiatives at start-ups, Fortune 10 companies, and government agencies to write TransformAble. The result is a carefully honed five-phase framework for transforming high-level, visionary concepts into sustainable operating realities.

Along the way, Tuglus illuminates the highest impact, and often least understood, aspects of successful transformation. This includes helping readers identify and avoid common pitfalls, as well as build thoughtful, engaging narratives that both keep the transformation on course and convince key players to believe and trust in the plan. Sharp, xkcd-style comics combine with the author’s wit, candor and deep expertise to make this book an entertaining page-turner as well as an indispensable guide, refreshing shift in tone from traditional, dry books on business transformation theory.

Tuglus’s wealth of knowledge, straightforward approach, and sense of humor will help readers take ownership of their organization’s future—regardless of its size, industry, or product offering—and help them define, design, and execute lasting change. This may be the only book on business transformation that is fun to read and will leave readers better equipped to navigate the perils ahead.

Angie Tuglus

Angie Tuglus

Angie Tuglus is an expert at successfully delivering large, global, cross-functional change initiatives, from concept creation through to delivery. She began her career in technology startups, building new businesses, and then later applied her passion for transformation in large corporations undergoing major change, including Ford Motor Company, GMAC, and Ally Financial.  She has held executive roles including CIO, EVP of Product & Project Delivery, and COO.

Praise for TransformAble

“An easy-to-consume business transformation guide that will help anyone scale the mountains and avoid the deadly pitfalls of transformation.”

Marcy Klevorn, board member, advisor, and former president, Mobility, Ford Motor Company

“A clear, logical, and proven roadmap to successfully lead critical transformations for businesses large and small.”

John Boris, former senior executive, GMAC and Ally Financial

“Profound business transformation principles wrapped in a witty narrative.”

Lee Senderov, chief marketing and digital officer, Foundation Partners Group

“Tuglus identifies realistic barriers, provides practical approaches, and gives you the courage to take on the challenge of transformation.”

Lesley Ma, CIO, NSF International, and former CIO, Cadillac

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