A Game-Changing Customer Experience Strategy for B2B Companies Is Finally Here

by May 24, 2022Jim Tincher, News and Events

“B2B organizations make up 60% of the economy, but there are very few resources to help them organize their efforts around customers. This book fills a wide knowledge gap…”

Any business leader knows that customer loyalty is the key to a thriving business. But what if your customer is another business? Consistent research shows that most B2B companies lag behind their B2C counterparts in customer experience, primarily because of the increased complexity in serving businesses over individual consumers.

Releasing October 4, 2022, Global CX Day, Do B2B Better is a call to action for business-to-business (and B2B2C) organizations to improve their customer experience strategy, leveraging a powerful model called the CX Loyalty Flywheel. From interviews with hundreds of CX leaders, Jim Tincher shares stories of how B2B companies have implemented successful CX programs, including Dow, Hagerty, and UKG. Learn what sets them apart from the competition and deliver exceptional experiences and bottom-line results for your organization.

About Jim Tincher:
Jim Tincher is a nationally recognized customer experience expert, journey mapper, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Through Heart of the Customer, his cutting-edge CX consultancy, he empowers companies to drive customer-focused change, optimize customer journeys, and reap the benefits of continual business growth. Jim’s first book, How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer?, is considered a must-read for CX-focused leaders, and CustomerThink, Engati, Feedspot, Influencer Marketing, and LitmusWorld have all named Jim a CX influencer to follow. Jim holds an MBA from Carlson School of Management and has previously led customer engagement initiatives at Best Buy and UnitedHealth Group. He lives in Minneapolis, MN. Learn more at: heartofthecustomer.com

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