“Writing my book gave me a deeper understanding of my work”: Dr. Vanessa Lapointe’s Author Journey

by Feb 24, 2020Author Resources, Vanessa Lapointe

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe author interview with Wonderwell publisher Maggie Langrick

The power of writing a book, for many experts, is in spreading their lessons to a wider audience in order to maximize their impact.

For Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, getting her message out there was a major motivation to write. Author of the bestselling Discipline Without Damage, Dr. Lapointe talks with our publisher Maggie Langrick about the rewarding journey she took with her new book, Parenting Right From the Start (published in October 2019).

The act of writing down her thoughts and reading them over helped reinforce the knowledge she had acquired as a parenting expert. Dr. Lapointe also delves into attachment parenting, a key subject in her book, and explains how her experiences as both a mother and a registered psychologist informed the writing of Parenting Right From the Start.

Watch the full video interview below.

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