Many business leaders seek to avoid the “fail to scale” phenomenon—the low-quality, high-friction interactions that become increasingly common as companies expand. What made a company great when it was a small, tight-knit team—its culture, its high performance, its clear vision—may no longer exist when such an exponential increase in complexity unfolds. Yet, those who fall victim to this avoidable problem don’t possess the resources to prevent their organization from underperforming in the first place. That’s where Rob Bier comes in.

With over three decades of experience helping founders of start-ups and scale-ups to create high-performing organizations, Bier has devised twenty foundational rituals that executives can integrate into their organizations to make interactions as frictionless as possible. Unlike other high-speed scaling books concentrated on strategy, fundraising, or product-market fit, Smooth Scaling addresses the critical yet often neglected issue of poor human interactions. Bier reveals why the quality of these interactions profoundly impacts strategy, performance, culture, team cohesion, and employee engagement. If left unmanaged, low-quality interactions may threaten to bring the company to a standstill at its most critical point. 

Now, as the current managing partner for executive coaching companies Trellis Asia and 6:30 Partners, Bier is telling all about how to overcome the most common pitfalls that plague expanding businesses so you and your team can scale with ease.

In Smooth Scaling, readers will learn:

  • The reasons why the “fail to scale” problem persists.
  • The essence of high-performance organizations and how to build them.
  • The need to adapt as a company grows.
  • Strategies for building a top-notch team.
  • Techniques to assess and enhance interaction quality across their organization.
  • The art of cultivating a trust-based organizational culture.
  • Twenty practical rituals to foster sustained high performance.

Those looking for rapid growth while maintaining high performance will find this book to be a go-to resource for building a business that’s truly built to last.

About the Author:

Rob Bier is an executive coach and organizational consultant with thirty years of experience helping founders of start-ups and scale-ups to create high-performing organizations, with eight unicorns in his client portfolio. Bier heads up the leadership practice area for Trellis, where he coaches senior leaders in venture capital, private equity, strategy consulting, and the corporate world. He is also the Chairman of MoneySmart in Singapore. Previously he was the founder and CEO of a FinTech company acquired by Citigroup, a venture capitalist with Antfactory, and a senior partner with Monitor Group, (now Monitor Deloitte) where he was a senior partner in its Organizational Effectiveness practice. He grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and earned an engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard. He now lives in Singapore with his two dogs, Hoffman and Rosie Bagel.

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