Forbes: Why The CHRO Should Operate As COO Of The Talent Supply Chain

by Mar 9, 2020Kelley Steven-Waiss, Press and Awards

Kelley Steven-Waiss and her book, The Inside Gig

This article by Kelley Steven-Waiss, co-author of The Inside Gig, was published on on March 6, 2020.

Imagine your CEO comes to you with a question: “How much data science capability do we currently have in the company?”

Your human capital management (HCM) system can tell you how many employees you have with the title of data scientist, but that’s not what your CEO is asking. The request boils down to this: “We currently have extra demand for data science skills, and I need to know what our current talent supply is to meet those demands.”

It’s a reasonable request, and the talent analysis process is similar to the management of a manufacturing supply chain, in effect. And most HR practitioners don’t go into the field thinking they’ll need to understand supply chain management. However, to effectively manage their internal talent resources, they need to act as the chief operating officer of their company’s talent supply chain.

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