You Can Be a Social Entrepreneur—Here’s How

by Jan 5, 2022Madeleine Shaw, News and Events

Have you ever wanted to start a social impact initiative or venture but weren’t sure how? Entrepreneurship isn’t just for Silicon Valley tech startups. Increasingly, it’s being used as a tool for social change by “everyday” people—individuals who may not have formal business education and whose goals are more about making a difference than making a profit. Based on the book The Greater Good: Social Entrepreneurship for Everyday People by Madeleine Shaw, this FREE 8-part “How to Be a Social Entrepreneur” video series offers crucial tools and encouragement for those considering starting their own impact-based projects or ventures. Madeleine is an award-winning serial social entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience developing successful for- and non-profit ventures.

In this first episode: Discover what it means to be a social entrepreneur, and why those who are bringing the most impactful, innovative solutions to our collective challenges are a truly diverse range of “everyday people” from all walks of life. 

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