Forbes: Book Review: ‘HumanKind’ By Brad Aronson

by Apr 20, 2020Brad Aronson, Press and Awards

Brad Aronson and his book, HumanKind

This is an excerpt from a review published on on April 14, 2020.

There’s no shortage of depressing news nowadays. You can’t go online without being bombarded with the latest development of COVID-19, piling death-tolls, and plummeting economy. I’m lucky to be still employed and working from home during this self-quarantine period. However, staying indoors for over a month does eventually take its toll on your motivation. To maintain productivity, I’ve been on a quest for books with a positive message to help pass the time and also lift the spirits. That’s when I came across an early release copy of HumanKind, by Brad Aronson.

HumanKind: How to Change the World One Small Act at a Time is a collection of short stories about the profound and contagious effect of human kindness. The author himself was inspired to write this book after the generosity of others helped him and his family through difficult times. The stories in this book are heart-warming, empowering, and makes you realize both the power and value of kindness. 

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