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Hybrid Publishing

You’re a world-class expert or prolific creator with a brilliant book idea burning in your heart. You want to get it written and out into the world fast, but you’re crazy busy and you can’t do it alone. We get it. In fact, we exist to help people like you.

The Best Book Program is our premium hybrid publishing program, an alternative “third way” to publish that combines the benefits of traditional and self-publishing.

More rewarding than traditional publishing

As a prolific creator or acclaimed expert, you’ve likely been approached by traditional publishers and found their offers uninspiring. As one successful food blogger put it to us, “At first I was flattered at being offered an advance. Then I realized that I’ll probably never see any royalties beyond the publisher’s advance—and it’s less than I make in one month through my blog. It will take me months to write my book. Why should I do all of that work when almost all the profits will go to the publisher?” And if you want to sell some copies directly to your audience, well, you’d need to buy them from the publisher first.

More rewarding than self-publishing

Maybe you’ve considered self-publishing too, or even tried it in the past. We’re big fans of the freedom and flexibility that self-publishing provides, but if you’re not already a book publishing professional, it’s hard to self-publish to a professional standard. (That’s why we created our “Private Label” assisted self-publishing program.) But even done impeccably, self-publishing will only get your book into online retailers as a print-on-demand or ebook product. That’s fine for some. But if you really need your book to be in stores across the country and around the world, self-publishing is not going to cut it. You need a publisher with distribution.

The rewards of hybrid publishing

As a hybrid publisher, we are here to serve your vision. It’s your book. Your product to sell to your audience. We’ll handle the in-store distribution piece for you, and the direct sales you make from your website or live events are all yours.

The Best Book Program features:

  • Flexible editorial support for authors
  • Stunning art direction and book design
  • Traditional, full-service distribution into bookstores, airport stores, libraries, mass market, and specialty retailers
  • Active selling by our nationwide sales force
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Print run and ebook production, with virtually unlimited print specifications and VIP editions for personal use
  • Marketing Essentials and Book Launch Guide
  • Representation for sale of foreign-language rights

All the building blocks of your nonfiction book in one handy reference guide.

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