LifeTree Media to Publish New Edition of Remarkable Retail from Global Retail Influencer Steve Dennis

by Nov 25, 2020News and Events, Steve Dennis

We’re excited to announce that LifeTree Media will be publishing a second edition of Remarkable Retail by industry thought leader Steve Dennis. The new edition is scheduled to be released under our Best Book program on April 13, 2021.

The first edition of Remarkable Retail was published by LifeTree Media on April 14, 2020. The book has received critical acclaim—it was named the #1 Best Retail Book of All Time and the #5 Best E-commerce Book of All Time by BookAuthority, a platform that ranks books based on the recommendations of thought leaders and experts.

Since the first edition’s launch during a global pandemic, the retail landscape has experienced great turmoil—many major retail brands have gone under, or nearly so. But some retailers bounced back better than ever. The ones who survived or even grew were retailers who were already abiding by the principles in this book, and were well on the way to becoming remarkable.

The prescription for success that Remarkable Retail shares still holds true, in fact, more so than ever.

In this second edition—completed updated for the post-COVID economy—few of the core ideas have materially changed. If anything, the cataclysmic events of 2020 have only amplified their urgency and criticality. The harsh reckoning that Dennis predicted would take several years to pull the rug out from many companies, manifested in just a matter of months.

Nevertheless, the playing field has changed. In most retail categories, digital channels are now central to the consumer’s journey, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t also shopping in stores; they’re just using them differently, often browsing in one channel and buying in the other. The line between digital and physical stores has been virtually erased; the customer is the channel. Retailers who resist this fact are doomed to perish. The future belongs to those who find new ways to create a remarkable, harmonized customer experience at every touchpoint.

Although we saw some high-profile retail brands become casualties of the pandemic, it turns out many of those had underlying conditions, while retailers who had already embarked upon the road to remarkable not only survived but actually emerged in better health than before.

“We can’t anticipate cataclysmic events,” says our publisher Maggie Langrick, “but we can expect that they will happen, and we can get into a good position to respond to them, both by being remarkable, and by having a robust innovation pipeline, and by building agility right into your business model. There is no ‘new normal,’ just the ‘next normal.’”

Packed with illuminating case studies from some of modern retail’s biggest success stories, quick pivots, and impressive rebounds, Remarkable Retail presents eight essential strategies for visionary leaders who are prepared to reimagine their way of doing business. A remarkable retailer is digitally enabled, human centered, harmonized, mobile, personal, connected, memorable, and radical.

In an age where consumers have short attention spans, myriad options, and a digitally integrated relationship with every brand, Remarkable Retail is your crucial roadmap to creating a powerful retail experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

The second edition of Remarkable Retail will be available for sale in bookstores across North America and via online retailers on April 13, 2021.

About Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis is a strategic advisor and keynote speaker on retail innovation. As a senior executive at two Fortune 500 retailers and as a consultant, Steve has worked with dozens of brands to reignite and accelerate their growth. He is a Forbes senior contributor, has been named a top 5 global retail influencer by multiple organizations, and his commentary on the future of shopping is regularly featured in the media. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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