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How you market your book will play a critical role in its success, and we are here to guide you. Our Essential Marketing Package includes our Book Launch Guide, a comprehensive primer on all things related to managing a successful book launch. In it you’ll find detailed information on almost every aspect of book marketing and launch activities, including:

  • In-person events: How to decide what kind of event to host; how to sell books in person.
  • PR and media relations: What to expect; how to prepare for TV and radio interviews, etc.
  • Online promotions: An introduction to giveaways, pre-order promotions, ebook promotions, etc.
  • Harnessing your network: Getting quality reviews, blurbs, and endorsements; leveraging your contacts’ social networks.
  • Website and online author platform: Overview of how an online platform grows; how to assess your own online platform potential.
  • Content marketing: How content marketing works, what it entails, and how to determine which aspects of it are right for you.
  • Building your marketing team: Who you need (and don’t need), and where to find them.
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Claire Booth, author of The Achiever Fever Cure, promotes her book in a media interview with The Social (CTV).

Wonderwell Marketing Process

Market your book your way

Using the Book Launch Guide as a jumping off point, your Marketing Specialist will meet with you to discuss your unique blend of strengths, weaknesses, and objectives in order to determine where you should focus your time and financial resources for maximum results. From this they will prepare a marketing recommendations report, and a custom launch timeline complete with calendared action items. One-on-one book launch coaching sessions will ensure you’re ready for your publication day.

In addition, we offer a range of flexible optional add-ons to suit your needs, including:

  • Book launch media campaigns
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital paid advertising

Our marketing services are part of our publishing programs only. We do not offer a la carte services.

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