New Book Offers Gen Z Women Creative Tools to Live Balanced Lives of Self-Acceptance and Purpose

by Apr 19, 2022Lindsay Sealey, News and Events

The growing women of Generation Z have more choices and challenges than ever before. They are smart, passionate, purposeful, and powerful participants in social movements from climate change to women’s rights. These young women are creating and standing upon platforms, making their voices heard, and promoting real change.

Yet sometimes, these women also feel too busy, too tired, too fearful, and completely overwhelmed. They are easily caught in the vortex of perfectionism and procrastination fueled by social media. They also feel tremendous pressure to be successful in a world that is rapidly changing—economically, socially, and politically—as they contend with their own changing beliefs and ideas, social circles, and priorities.

This fall, we’re proud to publish author and educator Lindsay Sealey’s third book, Made for More, an inspirational call to action for the young women of Gen Z. Made for More challenges them to examine how they can bring more of what they want into their lives—and leave behind the things that no longer serve them. Through exercises, inspirational stories, and expert advice, they will learn to let go of perfection and the need to prove themselves in favor of self-acceptance and finding their true purpose.

This book will show young women how to:

  • Create happiness instead of waiting for happiness to find them
  • Feel confident and let go of self-doubt
  • Become more comfortable with just being themselves
  • Focus more easily on what matters to them
  • Achieve progress over perfection
  • Make more meaningful connections
  • Gain power and ditch the fear

Made for More will lead readers on an exciting journey of self-discovery to relinquish the pressures of who they think they should be, and instead, realize their power and rise to become even more.

Made for More lays a path for girls and young women to discover their authentic selves—already perfect and already whole. Each chapter is woven with inspiring stories and practical exercises to disentangle from the cultural message of ‘not enough’ and instead see the beauty and magic of life as it is. This book is like a reliable friend: supportive, warm, and engaging.”
—Dr. Michele Kambolis, author of When Women Rise

About Lindsay Sealey:
Lindsay Sealey is a dedicated educator and consultant, a passionate keynote speaker, and the author of the award-winning books Growing Strong Girls and Rooted, Resilient, and Ready. She is the founder of the life coaching programs Bold New Girls and Brave New Boys, which are designed to empower young growing people to be healthy, happy, and confident. Lindsay has been featured by numerous TV shows, radio shows, podcasts, and publications, and she is a contributor to The Globe and Mail, HuffPost Canada, and Spoke. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Learn more at:

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