Oftentimes, especially for women, happiness is reduced to a series of “ifs”— If we go to college and become a degreed professional. If we marry someone respectable and buy a house in a picturesque neighborhood. If we become the proud parents of two children. If we land our dream job, get promoted, or make partner. Sound familiar? It’s a feeling that resonates with so many women who face the unrelenting stress of capitalist hustle culture on a daily basis. 

Ashley Jordan, author of new and upcoming feminist memoir Unhappy Achiever, is no stranger to feeling this way. The struggle to escape the “good girl” image, a series of gender standards and behaviors imposed on young girls by society, remained a constant in her life for decades. For years, Ashley, like many other ambitious, hard-working women, believed she could attain the perfect life if she just accomplished everything she was expected to do. As it turned out, even after becoming feminist activist, licensed attorney, a mom, and a well-published journalist, she still felt incomplete. Like many others facing burnout, it was not until Jordan reached a breaking point that she decided to break out of the mold for good.

In this breakout memoir, Jordan profoundly suggests that many of us are victims of reaching for what we believe are milestones necessary to inner fulfillment. In reality, this only leads us to hide behind masks of achievement to buffer against the world and protect us from pain. Yet, these masks are what prevent us from seeking out true fulfillment. From her friendships to her career to her marriage, Ashley speaks directly and fervently to the thousands of women who are also ready to walk away from the unrealistic mirror of perfection. In a culture where our hard-earned achievements may not be enough for everyone, Unhappy Achiever could not arrive at a better time. 


Unhappy Achiever by Ashley Jordan releases on February 13, 2024, and will be available wherever books are sold.  

About the Author:

Ashley Jordan, J.D., is an author and speaker. Ashley has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Teen Vogue, and more. A former attorney, she lives in Milwaukee with her three children. 

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