“Drink me, your life will have less pain.”

“Drink me, you will have more friends, more fun, more sex.”

“Drink me, you will be funnier.”

“Drink me, people will like you more.”                                                                                 

You’ve probably believed some of these lies that alcohol tells. Dustin Dunbar certainly did. He had an incredible life—a beautiful wife, two sweet baby girls, a degree in psychology, and properties around the world—yet many damaging years of alcohol dependency threatened it all. His answer to quitting wasn’t through AA or simply ignoring alcohol’s deceptive temptations—instead, he sought beyond what society had taught him about being a “real man” to finally break free from what he calls “the alcohol matrix.”

While plenty of male celebrity figures like Brad Pitt and Ewan McGregor are making alcohol recovery look more attractive than ever, few have narrated their experiences like Dunbar does in You’re Doing Great! Much like Holly Whitaker’s bestseller, Quit Like a Woman, Dunbar interrogates the part culture plays in reinforcing alcohol’s lies—particularly for men—by examining how the media encourages the notion that drinking and manliness go together. The book has also received high acclaim from Annie Grace, bestselling author and founder of This Naked Mind, who remarks, “Dustin Dunbar’s story is relatable, hilarious, and encouraging. This book will give you the courage to break free from alcohol and live a fuller, happier life.”

Filled with entertaining true-life tales, hard-earned wisdom, and easy-to-follow advice for recognizing the truth about alcohol, You’re Doing Great! is a powerful invitation to discover the real you that thrives on the other side of addiction. We’re so proud to be publishing it this January and can’t wait for you to read it.


About the Author:

Dustin Dunbar has a doctorate in psychology and was handpicked by Ryan Seacrest for LA Shrink and Endemol Productions’ Dallas Life Coach, where he was the “Shrink” and “Life Coach” on those pilots. He overcame his addiction to alcohol at the age of forty-eight and has since been helping others overcome theirs as a coach at WeAretheAFR.org, his non-profit online community. Dunbar’s true passions are spending time with his two young daughters, writing, and sports. He currently lives in San Diego, California.

Learn more at: dustin-dunbar.com

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