Most strategic transformations are doomed to fail, for two fundamental reasons: their leaders don’t aim high enough, delivering incremental changes rather than something truly remarkable, and they move far too slowly to keep up with the pace of disruption. This gap between what is required in a world of seismic shifts in technology and customer requirements and what is typically delivered risks putting your organization on the road to extinction.

Solid strategy, team building, and process planning are essential—but these are not nearly enough to ensure success. During a 40-year career in senior leadership roles at two Fortune 500 companies, and as a strategic advisor, board member, and analyst, Steve Dennis has witnessed first-hand how executives consistently underestimate the scope, magnitude, and speed of change needed to survive, much less thrive.

In Leaders Leap, Dennis makes the case for why a complete metamorphosis of leadership mindset is key to preventing your organization from becoming irrelevant and explores seven profound “mind leaps” leaders need to make now. This book will take you on a courageous journey of self-reflection, personal accountability, and growth, exposing the ways in which our ego, biases, and fear, can lead to timid transformation efforts when what we need most is to think bigger, act more boldly, and move far faster.

With illuminating case examples and hard-earned personal wisdom, Dennis helps you create important strategic and mental shifts to see past your own blind spots, sharpen your customer focus, amplify your brand’s wow factor, and truly innovate at the speed of disruption.

About the Author:

Steve Dennis is a strategy and innovation consultant, international keynote speaker, podcast host, and author of Remarkable Retail. Considered a top global retail influencer, Dennis shares insights on business strategy and the impacts of digital disruption as a Forbes Senior Contributor and has been featured in CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. Dennis is the President and Founder of SageBerry Consulting, a former SVP at the Neiman Marcus Group, and serves on multiple for-profit and non-profit boards. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Tufts University. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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