Our Story

We were born to publish books that help, heal, and inspire

LifeTree Media, the precursor to Wonderwell, was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2013 with a simple mission: to uplift humanity through great nonfiction books. It’s a purpose we share with every one of our authors, each of whom wants to make the world a better place through their work.

We are passionate lovers of nonfiction and we eat what we grow. For our team, reading for pleasure means devouring business books, memoirs, books about psychology and spirituality, personal finance and technology, all of which have been key categories for us from the get-go.

When you care a lot about the quality of your work, people tend to notice. In partnership with our authors, we’ve won awards, placed on bestseller lists, sold tens of thousands of books, been translated into more than seven languages—and changed countless lives for the better.

In 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, we relaunched the company as Wonderwell. Now based in Los Angeles, we still make the same gorgeous, brilliant books, with an expanded publishing focus that now includes current affairs, food and drink, art and design.

Wonderwell Publisher Maggie Langrick

Wonderwell Publisher Maggie Langrick

The Story Behind Our Story

I know that great books can change lives because they changed mine

I remember the first time a nonfiction book cracked my mind open. I was a precocious teenager with a big, broken heart. I felt miserable, confused, and stuck, until Robin Norwood’s book Women Who Love Too Much introduced me to the concept of codependence and gave me some tools to help me not be that way. (So, yeah, I was that kind of 17-year-old girl…)

It was the first of hundreds of self-help books that I devoured in my twenties, along with books on spirituality, feminism, philosophy, food, and sexuality. Later, I dove into books about health and wellness, film, art and design, and, most recently, business books on topics ranging from sales to strategy to servant leadership. For me, reading has rarely been about escapism into fantasy; it’s about diving deep into the reality of life as a human being. How does that thing work? Why do people act that way? And how can I make the most of my time on planet Earth? To every question, a book is the answer.

And for every reader with a problem to solve or a passion to pursue, there’s a would-be author who wants to help. But they need help, too! That’s why I founded Wonderwell; to serve authors in getting their wisdom out into the world in the best possible way, transforming readers’ lives as well as their own. Plus, every day I get to work with some of the most inspiring experts and creators on Earth. Won’t you join me in making the world a better place with your big ideas?

Core Values



We believe that excellence is in the details.



We go human to human in every interaction.



We choose and use our words for clarity and impact.



We are smarty-pantses who like big brains.



We know why we are here.



We dive deep and read between the lines.

Meet the Team

Our virtual team of talented editors, ghostwriters, designers, and marketing specialists is vast and diverse, allowing us to bring the perfect mix of collaborators on to every project. These are the folks you’ll be in closest contact with throughout your time with us, but there will be plenty of other friendly faces along the way.

Maggie Langrick

Maggie Langrick, CEO and Publisher

Jesmine Cham

Jesmine Cham, Publishing Coordinator

Heather Grant

Heather Grant, Accounting Manager

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