Why Wonderwell?

Excellence comes first

We’ve been setting the standard for excellence in hybrid publishing for nearly a decade, and our publisher and CEO Maggie Langrick was part of the Independent Book Publishers (IBPA) working group that wrote the official criteria for hybrid publishers back in 2017.

And hybrid publishing isn’t all that we do. Our tagline is “big ideas for a better world,” and we mean it. We are dedicated to work that can legitimately contribute to the public conversation and make a real impact on society, which means working with serious thought leaders who have the most promising book ideas, in whatever capacity they need us. If your values align with ours, we want to help make your book the best it can be—whether you join our hybrid publishing program, or choose to self-publish or pursue a traditional publishing deal.

100% bespoke author services

Think of us as an elite creative agency and business incubator for entrepreneurial authors, offering brand and marketing strategy services, content and proposal development, and unique workshop experiences like our Big Leap book-planning program and VIP retreat. Our multifaceted suite of offerings allows us to meet authors where they are with 100% bespoke services—including but not limited to our hybrid publishing program.

We are small but mighty by design. With only a dozen or so books published under our imprint each year, more than half of our titles are award-winners or trade bestsellers. Because our priority isn’t pumping out a particular number of books each season, we can focus on quality work that serves the life-enhancing mission we share with our authors.

I chose to work with Wonderwell because their editorial quality was head and shoulders above anyone else that I spoke with. I wanted my book to be something that I was really proud of, that shared my ideas and helped me advance my personal mission to impact people’s lives. Not only am I happy with the result, Wonderwell was worth every penny.

Shira Miller, author of Free and Clear

Free and Clear by Shira Miller

Wonderwell is more creatively rewarding

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but publishing is a team effort—and our team is best in class. Our pedigreed editors and talented designers are here to support you in whatever way you need, from conceptual development to writing coaching, all the way up to ghostwriting services.

Just because your book is your brainchild, that doesn’t mean you have to bring it up alone.

We pour our hearts into every book we publish, making sure that the book you’ll eventually hold in your hands is even better than the one in your head. You bring the vision, and we’ll manifest it in the most gorgeous and brilliant way possible.

Our fee-for-service and commission-based model means that you’re our client. We are here to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Wonderwell has been spectacular. Smart ideas for adding more art to the book. A fantastic, innovative design. Solid editing. Ways to get books when supply chains break. Every deadline met.

Eric Newton, client, Circle Way

Circle Way by Mary Ann Hogan

Wonderwell is more intrinsically rewarding

You’re doing this book for a reason, and it ain’t all about the Benjamins. You want to make an impact, not only on your life and career, but on the world. And that may be the most rewarding thing of all about working with us. We really care a lot about helping people to live happier, healthier, more successful lives, and making books is the best way we know of to do that.

That’s why we only publish nonfiction books that educate, enlighten, or inspire. Your book might be the medicine that brings relief, a tool for creating great things, or a sword with which to battle mighty forces of evil. When your purpose meets our passion, magic happens on the page.

Are We a Match?

Wonderwell authors are the best in the world at what they do. So are we.

Wonderwell is the best possible publishing partner for you if:

You’re a purpose-driven coach, healer, wellness expert, entrepreneur, or thought leader, or a rising star in literary nonfiction with a growing audience


You want to write a nonfiction book that will change people’s lives, including your own


You want your book to be expertly developed by publishing pros who know how to connect with your target readers


You have a great book idea, but you need guidance on turning it into something with true market potential


You want assistance with author branding, marketing, or PR from seasoned industry veterans

All the building blocks of your nonfiction book in one handy reference guide.

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