Why Wonderwell?

Authors come first

It’s your book. And your audience. We think most of the profits should be yours, too.

Sound a bit radical, coming from a publisher? We think so, and we’re proud of it.

Wonderwell is more financially rewarding

The Wonderwell hybrid publishing model allows you to be the investor in your own book—and the main beneficiary from its sales. You control the relationship with your audience and are in the best possible position to monetize the platform you’ve worked so hard to build.

That’s why hybrid publishing is the model of choice for:

  • established experts with a broad network
  • prolific content creators with an engaged audience
  • brands with a strong community of customers

When a traditional publisher provides editorial resources and pays for printing, they naturally stand to earn the lion’s share of profits from the book. By paying you an advance, they’re basically buying the right to sell your content to your audience—and to earn more from it than you will.

We don’t “acquire” your raw material and develop it as our product. We partner with you to create a book that is your product to sell directly to your audience—and we can distribute it to brick-and-mortar stores for you, too.

How much more could you earn with Wonderwell? Try our royalty calculator.

Wonderwell is more creatively rewarding

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but publishing is a team effort—and our team is best in class. Our pedigreed editors and talented designers are here to support you in whatever way you need, from conceptual development to writing coaching, all the way up to ghostwriting services.

Just because your book is your brainchild, that doesn’t mean you have to bring it up alone.

We pour our hearts into every book we publish, making sure that the book you’ll eventually hold in your hands is even better than the one in your head. You bring the vision, and we’ll manifest it in the most gorgeous and brilliant way possible.

Our fee-for-service and commission-based model means that you’re our client. We are here to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Maggie and her team meshed best with my mission. I could get hands-on help and not be one of many authors.

Brad Aronson, author of HumanKind

HumanKind by Brad Aronson

Wonderwell is more intrinsically rewarding

You’re doing this book for a reason, and it ain’t all about the Benjamins. You want to make an impact, not only on your life and career, but on the world. And that may be the most rewarding thing of all about working with us. We really care a lot about helping people to live happier, healthier, more successful lives, and making books is the best way we know of to do that.

That’s why we only publish nonfiction books that educate, enlighten, or inspire. Your book might be the medicine that brings relief, a tool for creating great things, or a sword with which to battle mighty forces of evil. When your purpose meets our passion, magic happens on the page.

Are We a Match?

Wonderwell authors are the best in the world at what they do. So are we.

Hybrid publishing isn’t right for everyone. But it’s really right for some. Wonderwell is simply the best possible path to publication for you if:


You have a truly great nonfiction book idea with serious market potential


You have a solid online platform or influential real-life network


You expect to sell a lot of books direct to your audience, either online or at live events


You’re in a position to financially support the development of your book


Your sales will be largely generated by your name or your own marketing activities, and you want to keep more of the profits from those sales


You’ve been traditionally published or have self-published in the past and found the results disappointing

All the building blocks of your nonfiction book in one handy reference guide.

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