Author Testimonials

Success Story: Celebrate a Brand Milestone

John Fluevog, author of FLUEVOG: 50 Years of Unique Soles for Unique Souls

Iconic shoe designer John Fluevog has been creating wild and wonderful footwear for rebels and rock stars for fifty years. What better way to give back to Fluevogers around the world than with a stunning coffee table book chronicling the story of his life and work?

Fluevog by John Fluevog
  • Full color hardcover coffee table edition and fixed-layout ebook in bookstores across North America
  • VIP edition created exclusively for sale in Fluevog stores
  • Alcuin Society Book Design Award winner
John Fluevog

I don’t think I could have tackled a book given my current scope and commitments if I didn’t have a great co-author and the structure that the team gave us.

Kelley Steven-Waiss, co-author of The Inside Gig

The Inside Gig by Edie Goldberg and Kelley Steven-Waiss

Success Story: Create Social Impact

Brad Aronson, author of HumanKind

“Maggie and the team meshed best with my mission. I could get hands-on help and not be one of many authors.”

HumanKind by Brad Aronson
  • Brad Aronson was a first-time author who was driven to effect social change with his book. Our hybrid publishing model allowed him to channel all of his profits to the charity of his choice.
  • 100% of author royalties donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Wall Street Journal bestseller and USA Today bestseller
Brad Aronson

I got the sense that Maggie and the team really understood what I was trying to do and cared about it.

Steve Dennis, author of Remarkable Retail

Remarkable Retail by Steve Dennis

Success Story: Jump Start a Speaking Career

Claire Booth, author of The Achiever Fever Cure

“I could not have asked for a better experience as a first-time author. Special thanks to [Editorial Director] Sarah for her thoughtful, respectful, and surgical editing. And thanks to Maggie for appealing to the achiever in me by looking me in the eyes at our first meeting and asking, ‘So, are you going to do this?’ How could I say no?!”

The Achiever Fever Cure by Claire Booth
  • After experiencing a huge personal breakthrough, Claire had a burning desire to share what she had learned with the world.
  • Now, she’s a paid public speaker who inspires audiences with her story.
Claire Booth

Thank you to the team for keeping us on track and providing excellent guidance and editorial support.

Dr. Sayeh Zielke, author of One Heart, Five Habits

One Heart, Five Habits by Dr. Sayeh Zielke

Success Story: Expand Audience Reach

Venkat Venkatraman, author of The Digital Matrix

“Writing for professional managers is daunting, especially for someone who has written mainly for an academic audience. For my maiden venture, I decided to forge a non-traditional path by working with a hybrid publisher rather than a traditional university-based press. This is because I believed in publisher Maggie Langrick’s vision to help first-time authors craft compelling books for a broader audience. And I am so pleased that I chose this avenue.”

The Digital Matrix by Venkat Venkatraman
  • Sold translation rights to publishers in India, China, South Korea, and Vietnam
  • Created Boston University course based on book
  • Invited to speak at conferences in Australia, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates, among others
Venkat Venkatraman

I wanted a book that was high quality and presented well, and I’m very pleased with the end result. Working with [Editorial Director] Sarah was delightful. Very professional and very smart. She expressed a real interest in the project and seemed to enjoy doing it. That makes it much more fun, when someone enjoys what you’re up to.

Thomas Washing, author of An Unlikely Intervention

An Unlikely Intervention by Thomas Washing

Success Story: Promote Expertise

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, author of Discipline Without Damage and Parenting Right From the Start
Discipline Without Damage by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe
  • Since its publication in 2016, Discipline Without Damage by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe has achieved bestseller status in Canada, and she has developed a loyal following in Australia as a parenting expert.
  • Her follow-up, Parenting Right From the Start, is a Benjamin Franklin Award silver winner.
  • Sold translation rights to publishers in Germany and Hungary
Vanessa Lapointe

I have loved every step of my publishing journey and have learned that anything is possible with the right combination of talented people.

Lindsay Sealey, author of Rooted, Resilient, and Ready and Growing Strong Girls

Rooted, Resilient, and Ready by Lindsay Sealey

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