Wonderwell Hires New York Times Bestselling Editorial Director and Continues Expansion in 2022

by Nov 8, 2022News and Events

Wonderwell TeamRecruiting top talent is one of the most important—and difficult—tasks for any business leader. I am proud to say that I am crushing it right now, because I waited to find exactly the right people.

As Wonderwell welcomes two new members to our core team, I want to take a moment to introduce you to them (and a not-so-new member), and share what I’ve learned about building a team of superstars.

Thirteen months ago, I hired Jennifer Jensen to lead our marketing department. I’d been scouting for a Sales and Marketing Director for more than 6 months, and although I met many qualified candidates, I really wanted to hold out for someone with the right values and culture fit, as well as skills. My patience was rewarded when I met Jenn. Today, she is consistently acknowledged by client after client as one of the main reasons they signed with us, and/or the best part of their Wonderwell experience. She is incredibly talented, passionate, accountable, generous, and an all-round amazing human.

About eight weeks ago, J Cisneros, MBA joined us as Chief of Staff. I had been looking for the perfect person for this role since February! Patience and clarity of vision paid off again. J is obsessed with systems improvement, passionate about strategic planning, and is a meticulous documenter with a personality like sunshine. Most importantly, they are one of the most thoughtful, empathic, and self-aware communicators I’ve ever met.

Maggie Langrick and Eva AveryTwo weeks ago, we welcomed our new Editorial Director, Eva Avery. This is a linchpin role, so getting the fit right carried major consequences for the company.

I needed someone with deep experience in traditional publishing and enthusiastic interest in nontraditional publishing. They had to have a proven track record as a developer of bestselling trade nonfiction, ideally with a focus on self-help, a high-octane network, leadership qualities, and really great people skills. I’ve been searching for this unicorn for well over a year and came close to settling for a pretty-close fit. I’m so glad I held out.

Eva came to us in the very best way, recruited by our own Marketing Director Jenn. They had worked together on several New York Times bestsellers at a Big Five publisher and a midsize traditional press, where they got to know and love each other. Knowing that Eva would be the answer to our prayers (and we to hers!) Jenn played matchmaker, and the rest is history. Eva brings a gentle manner, deep wisdom, a sharp intellect, an instinct for timely topics, and a personal passion for the transformative power of nonfiction books.

I am so proud of this team, and so grateful that they have chosen to make Wonderwell their professional home. And this lovefest would not be complete without acknowledging other team members not pictured here: Our Project Manager Jesmine Cham, Senior Editor Allison Serrell, and the many talented and principled freelancers and partners who pour themselves into our books.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to work with my incredible team yet, I hope you will.

Whether you apply to join our next Big Leap retreat or submit your book proposal for one of our publishing programs, I know we can help you get that important book out of your heart and onto the page, because I’ve found the right people to do it.

Maggie Langrick
CEO and Publisher, Wonderwell

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